The Association Between Getting Sick And Floor Hygiene

Is there someone in your family who is always getting sick with some sort of bacterial infection whether it be a stomach bug or something similar? And you have possibly tried all sorts of cleaning methods to try and rid the house of any potential germs that you might be missing? The problem could be with your floor and how you are cleaning it.

There are also many side benefits to using a Temples Pride microfiber mop like being environmentally friendly because you don't need as much water as you do with a mop and bucket


The Progress and Pitfalls of Medical Marijuana

A new body, the National Association of Cannabis Pharmacy, was launched last year. O’Leary-Randall wants more qualified pharmacists to be involved in dispensing cannabis, though she acknowledges the difficulties: “Cannabis is so unique… It’s rather daunting for elderly people to go into a dispensary and look at names like Purple Haze and Skunk Weed and pick out what is their medicine.